Catullus Poem 38
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MALEST, Cornifici, tuo Catullo1Your Catullus is ill at ease, Cornificius,
malest, me hercule, et laboriose, 2ill and in distress
et magis magis in dies et horas. 3and that more and more daily and hourly.
quem tu, quod minimum facillimumque est, 4And you, though that is the lightest and easiest task,
qua solatus es allocutione? 5have you said one word to console him?
irascor tibi. sic meos amores? 6I am getting angry with you – what, treat my love so?
paulum quid lubet allocutionis, 7Give me only some little word of comfort,
maestius lacrimis Simonideis.8pathetic as the tears of Simonides!