Catullus Poem 37
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SALAX taberna uosque contubernales, 1 Gallant pot-house, and you brothers in the service,
a pilleatis nona fratribus pila, 2 ninth pillar from the temple of the Brothers in the hats,
solis putatis esse mentulas uobis, 3 do you think you are the only ones with a penis?
solis licere, quidquid est puellarum, 4 the only ones who have leave to have sex with all the girls,
confutuere et putare ceteros hircos? 5 while you think every one else a goat?
an, continenter quod sedetis insulsi 6 Or if you sit in a line, five score or ten maybe,
centum an ducenti, non putatis ausurum 7 witless all, think you that I cannot
me una ducentos irrumare sessores? 8 clintonize ten score as they sit?
atqui putate: namque totius uobis 9 Yet you may think so: for I'll scribble penises
frontem tabernae sopionibus scribam. 10 all over the pot-house front.
puella nam mi, quae meo sinu fugit, 11 My girl, who has left my arms,
amata tantum quantum amabitur nulla, 12 though loved as none ever shall be loved,
pro qua mihi sunt magna bella pugnata, 13 for whom I have fought so many great fights,
consedit istic. hanc boni beatique 14 has taken up her abode there. She is dear to all you men
omnes amatis, et quidem, quod indignum est, 15 of rank and fortune, indeed to her shame
omnes pusilli et semitarii moechi; 16 all the petty lechers that haunt the byways;
tu praeter omnes une de capillatis, 17 to you above all, paragon of long-haired dandies,
cuniculosae Celtiberiae fili, 18 son of rabbity Celtiberia,
Egnati. opaca quem bonum facit barba 19 Egnatius, made a gentleman by a bushy beard
et dens Hibera defricatus urina. 20 and teeth brushed with Spanish urine.