Catullus Poem 36
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ANNALES Volusi, cacata carta, 1 Chronicle of Volusius, defecated paper,
uotum soluite pro mea puella. 2 discharge a vow on behalf of my love;
nam sanctae Veneri Cupidinique 3 for she vowed to holy Venus and to Cupid
uouit, si sibi restitutus essem 4 that if I were restored to her love,
desissemque truces uibrare iambos, 5 and ceased to dart fierce iambics,
electissima pessimi poetae 6 she would give to the lamme-footed god
scripta tardipedi deo daturam 7 the choicest writings of the worst of poets,
infelicibus ustulanda lignis. 8 to be burnt with wood from some accursed tree:
et hoc pessima se puella uidit 9 and my lady perceived that these were the "worst poems"
iocose lepide uouere diuis. 10 that she was vowing to the merry gods in pleasant sport.
nunc o caeruleo creata ponto, 11 Now therefore, O thou whom the blue sea bare,
quae sanctum Idalium Vriosque apertos 12 who inhabitest holy Idalium and open Urii,
quaeque Ancona Cnidumque harundinosam 13 who dwellest in Ancona and reedy Cnidus
colis quaeque Amathunta quaeque Golgos 14 and in Amatbus and in Golgi,
quaeque Durrachium Hadriae tabernam, 15 and in Dyrrhacium the meeting-place of all Hadria,
acceptum face redditumque uotum, 16 record the vow as received and duly paid,
si non illepidum neque inuenustum est. 17 so surely as it is not out of taste nor inelegant.
at uos interea uenite in ignem, 18 Meantime come you her into the fire.
pleni ruris et inficetiarum. 19 you bundle of rusticity and clumsiness,
annales Volusi, cacata carta. 20 chronicle of Volusius, defecated paper.