Catullus Poem 33
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O FVRVM optime balneariorum  1 Cleverest of all clothes-stealers at the baths, 
Vibenni pater et cinaede fili  2 father Vibennius and you his profligate son,
(nam dextra pater inquinatiore,  3 for the father has a dirtier right-hand,
culo filius est uoraciore),  4 but the son has a more voracious anus:
cur non exilium malasque in oras  5 off with you into banishment and the dismal regions, 
itis? quandoquidem patris rapinae  6 since the father's plunderings are known
notae sunt populo, et natis pilosas,  7 to all the world, and, my son, you cannot sell 
fili, non potes asse uenditare. 8 your hairy bottom for an As.