Catullus Poem 32
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AMABO, mea dulcis Ipsitilla,  1 I entreat you, my sweet lpsitilla, 
meae deliciae, mei lepores,  2 my darling, my charmer,
iube ad te ueniam meridiatum.  3 bid me to come and rest at noonday with you.
et si iusseris, illud adiuuato,  4 And if you do bid me, grant me this kindness too,
ne quis liminis obseret tabellam,  5 that no one may bar the panel of your threshold,
neu tibi lubeat foras abire,  6 nor you yourself have a fancy to go away,
sed domi maneas paresque nobis  7 but stay at home and prepare for us
nouem continuas fututiones.  8 nine non-stop bouts of sex.
uerum si quid ages, statim iubeto:  9 But if you will at all, then bid me come at once:
nam pransus iaceo et satur supinus  10 I am lying down after lunch, I am full and on my back,
pertundo tunicamque palliumque. 11 I am boring a hole through my tunic and cloak.