Catullus Poem 30
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ALFENE immemor atque unanimis false sodalibus,  1 ALFENUS, ungrateful and false to your faithful comrades, 
iam te nil miseret, dure, tui dulcis amiculi?  2 do you now cease (ah, cruel !) to pity your beloved friend? 
iam me prodere, iam non dubitas fallere, perfide?  3 What? do you not shrink from betraying me, deceiving me, faithless one? 
nec facta impia fallacum hominum caelicolis placent.  4 Do the deeds of deceivers please the gods above?
quae tu neglegis ac me miserum deseris in malis.  5 All this you disregard, and desert me in my sorrow and trouble;
eheu quid faciant, dic, homines cuiue habeant fidem?  6 ah, tell me, what are men to do, whom are they to trust? 
certe tute iubebas animam tradere, inique, me  7 For truly you used to bid me trust my soul to you (ah, unjust!), 
inducens in amorem, quasi tuta omnia mi forent.  8 leading me into love as if all were safe for me; 
idem nunc retrahis te ac tua dicta omnia factaque  9 you, who now draw back from me, and let the winds and vapours of the air
uentos irrita ferre ac nebulas aereas sinis.  10 bear away all your words and deeds unratified. 
si tu oblitus es, at di meminerunt, meminit Fides,  11 If you have forgotten this, yet the gods remember it, remembers Faith, 
quae te ut paeniteat postmodo facti faciet tui. 12 who will soon make you repent of you deed.