Catullus Poem 28
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PISONIS comites, cohors inanis, 1 You subalterns of Piso, a needy train,
aptis sarcinulis et expeditis, 2 with baggage handy and easily carried,
Verani optime tuque mi Fabulle, 3 my excellent Veranius and my Fabullus,
quid rerum geritis? satisne cum isto 4 how are you? Have you borne cold and hunger
uappa frigoraque et famem tulistis? 5 with that wind-bag long enough?
ecquidnam in tabulis patet lucelli 6 Do your account books show any gain, however small,
expensum, ut mihi, qui meum secutus 7 entered on the wrong side, as mine do? Why, after following
praetorem refero datum lucello? 8 in my praetor's train I put down on the credit side
O Memmi, bene me ac diu supinum 9 "O Memmius, you slowly clintonized me well and for a long time
tota ista trabe lentus irrumasti. 10 on my back with that entire rod of yours."
sed, quantum uideo, pari fuistis 11 But, as far as I see, you were in a similar
casu: nam nihilo minore uerpa 12 situation: you were stuffed with just as big a penis.
farti estis. pete nobiles amicos! 13 So much for running after powerful friends!
at uobis mala multa di deaeque 14 But may the gods and goddesses bring many curses upon you,
dent, opprobria Romuli Remique. 15 you blots on the names of Romulus and Remus.