Catullus Poem 27
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Perseus text of Catullus 27
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MINISTER uetuli puer Falerni  1 Come, boy, you who serve out the old Falernian, 
inger mi calices amariores,  2 fill up stronger cups for me, 
ut lex Postumiae iubet magistrae  3 as the law of Postumia, mistress of the revels, ordains, 
ebriosa acina ebriosioris.  4 Postumia more tipsy than the tipsy grape. 
at uos quo lubet hinc abite, lymphae  5 But water, begone, away with you, water, 
uini pernicies, et ad seueros  6 destruction of wine, and take up abode 
migrate. hic merus est Thyonianus. 7 with scrupulous folk. This is the pure Thyonian god.