Catullus Poem 25
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CINAEDE Thalle, mollior cuniculi capillo  1 Thallus, you sodomite, softer than rabbit's fur 
uel anseris medullula uel imula oricilla  2 or down of goose or lap of ear, 
uel pene languido senis situque araneoso,  3 or drooping penis of an old man or dusty cobweb; 
idemque, Thalle, turbida rapacior procella,  4 and also, Thallus, more ravenous than a sweeping storm 
cum diua mulier aries ostendit oscitantes,  5 when the divine mother shows that the waves are swelling.
remitte pallium mihi meum, quod inuolasti,  6 send me back my cloak which you have pounced upon,
sudariumque Saetabum catagraphosque Thynos,  7 and my Saetaban napkin and Bithynian tablets,
inepte, quae palam soles habere tamquam auita.  8 you silly fellow, which you keep by you and make a show of them, as if they were heirlooms.
quae nunc tuis ab unguibus reglutina et remitte, 9 Unglue and let drop these at once from your claws,
ne laneum latusculum manusque mollicellas 10 lest your soft downy flanks and pretty tender hands 
inusta turpiter tibi flagella conscribillent,  11 should have ugly figures branded and scrawled on by the whip, 
et insolenter aestues, uelut minuta magno  12 and lest you should toss about as you are little used to do, 
deprensa nauis in mari, uesaniente uento. 13 like a tiny boat caught in the vast sea, when the wind is madly raging.