Catullus Poem 24
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O qui flosculus es Iuuentiorum 1 You who are the flower of the Juventii
non horum modo, sed quot aut fuerunt  2 not only of thosee we know, but of all who either have been 
aut posthac aliis erunt in annis,  3 or shall be hereafter in other years,
mallem diuitias Midae dedisses  4 I had rather you had given en the riches of Midas 
isti, cui neque seruus est neque arca,  5 to that fellow who has neither servant nor money-box,
quam sic te sineres ab illo amari.  6 than so allow your to be courted by him. 
'qui? non est homo bellus?' inquies. est:  7 What? is he not a fine gentleman?" you will say. O, yes; 
sed bello huic neque seruus est neque arca.  8 but this fine gentleman has neither a servant nor a money-box.
hoc tu quam lubet abice eleuaque:  9 You may put this aside and make as little of it as you like: 
nec seruum tamen ille habet neque arcam. 10 for all that, he has neither a servant nor a money-box.