Catullus Poem 21
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AVRELI, pater esuritionum,  1 Aurelius, father of all starvations, 
non harum modo, sed quot aut fuerunt  2 not these only but at have been 
aut sunt aut aliis erunt in annis,  3 or are or shall be in future years, 
pedicare cupis meos amores 4 you wish to sodomize my favourite
nec clam: nam simul es, iocaris una,  5 And not on the quiet: you keep with him, jest in his company, 
haerens ad latus omnia experiris.  6 stick close to his side and leave nothing untried. 
frustra: nam insidias mihi instruentem  7 All in vain: as you plot against me, 
tangam te prior irrumatione.  8 I'll clintonize you first. 
atque id si faceres satur, tacerem:  9 If you had your belly full I should say nothing;
nunc ipsum id doleo, quod esurire  1o As it is, what annoys me is that 
me me puer et sitire discet.  11 my lad will learn how to be hungry and thirsty. 
quare desine, dum licet pudico,  12 Stop, then, while you can do so unharmed, 
ne finem facias, sed irrumatus. 13 or you will have to stop after I've clintonized you.