Catullus Poem 15
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COMMENDO tibi me ac meos amores,  1 To you, Aurelius, I entrust my all, even my loved,
Aureli. ueniam peto pudentem,  2 and I ask a favour of you, a modest favour. 
ut, si quicquam animo tuo cupisti,  3 If have ever with all your soul desired
quod castum expeteres et integellum,  4 to keep anything pure and free from stain, 
conserues puerum mihi pudice,  5 then guard my boy-friend now in safety,
non dico a populo-- nihil ueremur  6 I don't mean from the vulgar throng; I have no fear 
istos, qui in platea modo huc modo illuc  7 of such as pass to and fro in our streets 
in re praetereunt sua occupati--  8 absorbed in their own business. 
uerum a te metuo tuoque pene  9 it's you I fear, you and your penis, 
infesto pueris bonis malisque.  10 so fatal to the young boys, both good and bad alike. 
quem tu qua lubet, ut lubet moueto  11 Give that penis play where and how you please, 
quantum uis, ubi erit foris paratum:  12 ever ready for indulgence when you walk abroad. 
hunc unum excipio, ut puto, pudenter.  13 This one boy I would have you spare: I think it's a modest request. 
quod si te mala mens furorque uecors  14 And if a wicked mind and infatuate frenzy 
in tantam impulerit, sceleste, culpam,  15 drive you to the heinous crime 
ut nostrum insidiis caput lacessas.  16 of treason against me, 
a tum te miserum malique fati!  17 ah! then I pity you for your sad fate. 
quem attractis pedibus patente porta  18 For before the city's gaze with your legs and back-door spread out
percurrent raphanique mugilesque.  19 radishes and mullets will be stuck into you.