Catullus Poem 9
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VERANI, omnibus e meis amicis  1 Veranius, preferred by me to three hundred thousand
antistans mihi milibus trecentis,  2 Out of all the number of my friends,
uenistine domum ad tuos penates  3 have you then come to your own hearth
fratresque unanimos anumque matrem?  4 and your affectionate brothers and aged mother? 
uenisti. o mihi nuntii beati!  5 You have indeed. O joyful new to me ! 
uisam te incolumem audiamque Hiberum  6 I shall look upon you safe returned, and hear you
narrantem loca, facta nationes,  7 telling of the country, the history, the various tribes of the Hiberians, 
ut mos est tuus, applicansque collum  8 as is your way, and drawing your neck nearer to me
iucundum os oculosque suauiabor.  9 I shall kiss your beloved mouth and eyes. 
o quantum est hominum beatiorum,  10 O, of all men blest than other,
quid me laetius est beatiusue? 11 who is more glad, more blest than I?