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Via Sacra
Lapis Niger
Curia (Senate House)
Basilica Aemilia
Templum Antonini et Faustinae
Basilica Constantini
Templum Veneris et Romae
Arcus Titi
Atrium Vestae
Templum Vestae
Templum Juli
Templum Castoris
Basilica Julia
Templum Saturni
Templum Divi Vespasiani
Templum Concordiae
Lacus Curtius
Miliarium Aureum
Arcus Septimii Serveri
Carcer (Prison)

Temple of Saturn

The west end of the Forum, at the base of the Capitoline Hill was associated with the god Saturn from the earliest times of Roman History. Legend has it that an altar was built at the foot of the Capitoline Hill for Saturn and that a temple was erected on the same site. In early times, the grateful inhabitants brought their wealth, grain, wool, and oil, to offer the first fruits to the god who had blest them, and to have him guard the remainder of their treasure. Later, therefore, when they counted their wealth in gold and silver bars, or in coins, Saturn still guarded the state treasure in his temple.

The cult statue of the god was obviously wooden: not only was it filled with oil, but also bound with wool.

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