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Via Sacra
Lapis Niger
Curia (Senate House)
Basilica Aemilia
Templum Antonini et Faustinae
Basilica Constantini
Templum Veneris et Romae
Arcus Titi
Atrium Vestae
Templum Vestae
Templum Juli
Templum Castoris
Basilica Julia
Templum Saturni
Templum Divi Vespasiani
Templum Concordiae
Lacus Curtius
Miliarium Aureum
Arcus Septimii Serveri
Carcer (Prison)

Basilica Julia

In 54 B.C Juilius Caesar began building the Basilica Iulia on the site of the old Basilica Sempronia. It was dedicated by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C. although it was not yet finished. After its completion and final dedication by Augustus it became a favorite haunt of the Romans people. This new Basilica housed public meeting places and shops, but it was used mainly as a law court. From the Via Sacra, one climbed steps up to the vestibulum. On the pavement of the portico, diagrams of games scratched into the white marble are still visible today. The building was destroyed by fire three times and was last restored in 416 A.D.

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