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Via Sacra
Lapis Niger
Curia (Senate House)
Basilica Aemilia
Templum Antonini et Faustinae
Basilica Constantini
Templum Veneris et Romae
Arcus Titi
Atrium Vestae
Templum Vestae
Templum Juli
Templum Castoris
Basilica Julia
Templum Saturni
Templum Divi Vespasiani
Templum Concordiae
Lacus Curtius
Miliarium Aureum
Arcus Septimii Serveri
Carcer (Prison)

Basilica Aemilia

This basilica was erected in 179 B.C. by the censors Aemilius and Fulvius. It was frequenstly restored and beautified by the members of the Aemilian gens. After burning in B.C. it was rebuilt by Augustus. The Basilica Aemilia occupied the whole space between the Argiletum and the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina. One entered the structure from the porticus into several tabernae. The main hall or court was behind the shops.

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