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Institutional Context



Institutional Context

    The ASCSA and the affiliated Agora Excavations have control over all the finds, records of the excavations, and subsequent publications of work in the Agora.  In the collections and archives of the Agora Excavations are over 180,000 objects recovered from the site, thousands of drawings and plans, and hundreds of thousands of photographs of the excavations.  The ASCSA Publications Office has published over four hundred books, monographs, and articles on the results of these excavations.  Permission has been obtained from the appropriate authorities to include selections from all this material in the project. 

    Tulane University is a leader in the design of multimedia computer programs and has received several major grants from both public and private sources to support work in this area.  The university has also invested heavily in computer infrastructure and has the necessary equipment and personnel to complete the technical end of the project.