I Augustus

I Augustus, former emperor of Rome, am simply disgusted by the way in which the affairs of Rome are being handled. I worked very hard to establish peace, build an effective political system, thus enforcing marriage, and restore Roman religion. (Click here for evidence). My only wish was to have someone of my direct lineage continue to work hard at ensuring that these things were done. Nothing could have pleased me more, so I married my daughter to my nephew Marcellus to ensure that my successor would be a blood relative of mine. Unfortunately, he died and my other efforts also failed because of death. This diagram shows my efforts. Because of the deaths of all my prospective successors, I died without having set aside a successor from my direct lineage.

{short description of image} No man could have felt the way I felt on 37 CE. Oh, how happy and glorified I was to know that my wish was granted. Gaius , nicknamed Caligula, the son of my granddaughter, Agrippina, became my successor. On the other hand, as emperor, Caligula is crushing my heart. His carelessness and stupidity has put me and my name to great shame. He has done the total opposite of what I wanted him to do. The only thing that he did, which I am very thankful for, was, "making a strict scrutiny of the orders and rejecting all unworthy members of either" (Graves 386). He totally ignored my efforts on enforcing marriages by allowing his two sisters, Agrippinilla and Lesbia to share husbands (Graves 389) and by taking Oristilla from her husband and make him watch them (Caligula and Orestilla) get married (Graves 402). These things have not been proven, but by the actions of Caligula, I would not be surprised if they were. He also foolishly squandered money on things that were not needed. The money he squandered was not all for him. It was also for the welfare of Rome. Caligula has also had people murdered for no reason at all, and lied to the senate about why he had them killed. He even drove his own mother to kill herself. His illness which some may say makes him believe that he is a god, is preposterous. I do believe that he is ill, but he knows perfectly well what he is doing. He is just using his illness as an excuse to flaunt his powers as an emperor.

I must not go on anymore about Caligula, for if I do, I myself may become ill. With Caligula as emperor of Rome, Rome is going to fall greatly. May the other Gods forgive me for saying this, but at times I wish he was dead.