"I will be using this project with my students this coming spring. The project grew out of the fact that our sixth-grade teachers always hold an Ancient Games Day in May. We have chariot races as one of the events. I am so excited to have the students add depth and understanding when we reach ancient Rome. It is the final curricular area of our sixth-grade history students.

For me, the most awesome aspect of creating this project has been the willing and enthusiastic help from each and every person I have contacted over the web. I did not expect this, and the interest of others has been a wonderful gift. They have also given me ideas and information that led me to added dimensions in the project.

Your offer of taking my students through the VRoma Circus Maximus sounds wonderful! Yes, we will surely take you up on the offer. "

--Nancy Skjelbred, Language Arts/Social Studies teacher, Pleasant Valley School, Placerville, CA