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The following web pages were created for a course I taught on Ancient Rome in Film, Fiction, and Fact. To make the pages more useful to others, I have set up this list of topics with links to my web pages, many of which contain a number of sub-pages on specific aspects of the topic. Each topic page ends with a link to a source page containing selected bibliographic sources, thumbnails and information about the images used in the pages, and links to related external sites that my students and I have found useful. Click here for a general bibliography of reference sources used in creating these pages.

When you click on any link on this page, you will launch a new browser window; to return to this page, simply close the extra window.

Historical Topics:

Civilization and Culture Topics:

I will continue to refine these pages and add new topics as time allows. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has suggestions for improving the content or accuracy of these pages or who has found them useful in learning or teaching about ancient Rome. Please use the form below or e-mail me at

STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE: I will not answer requests that ask me to do your homework for you. See the “Sources” link at the bottom of each page for suggestions for further research.

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