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Grant, Michael. The Army of the Caesars. New York: Scribner, 1974.

Watson, G. R. The Roman Soldier. Aspects of Greek and Roman Life. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1969.

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relief of military parade distance slab from Antonine wall, Leg. XX VV diagram of legion organization model of century in fighting formation model of cohort in fighting formation
relief from Trajan's column distance slab legion organization model of century model of cohort
Trajan's Column (cast from EUR) Chester Museum (cast) Chester Museum Aalen Limesmuseum Aalen Limesmuseum

"legion" of British schoolchildren model of auxiliary fort model of auxiliary fort with figurines model of legionary headquarters reconstructed gate of auxiliary fort
children model of fort model of fort model of principia reconstructed walls
The Lunt, 1986 Newcastle Museum Aalen Limesmuseum Chester Museum Saalburg

reconstructed walls of legionary fort reconstructed limes fortification foundation of barracks for 1 century foundation of barracks for 1 century reconstructed barracks for 2 centuries
reconstructed walls reconstructed limes barracks foundation barracks foundation reconstructed barracks
Xanten, Archaeological Park Saalburg Caerleon, legionary fortress Caerleon, legionary fortress Saalburg

parade of standard bearers cuirass of Augustus of Prima Porta relief of standards relief of standards standards with eagles standards with pigs
relief from Trajan's column Prima Porta Augustus relief of standards relief of standards standard replica standard replica
Trajan's Column (cast from EUR) Vatican Museum cast from EUR cast from EUR replica from EUR replica from EUR

standard with winged horse pila, standards, flag statue of aquilifer drawing of aquilifer drawing of general
standard replica standards and pila statue of aquilifer drawing of aquilifer drawing of general
replica from EUR Mainz Landesmuseum model from EUR Mainz Landesmuseum Mainz Landesmuseum

Trajan addressing troops bust of Antoninus Pius in lacerna drawing of centurion tombstone of centurion (Caelius) Praetorian guardsman ancient bronze helmet
relief from Trajan's column bust of Antoninus Pius drawing of centurion centurion's tombstone Praetorian guardsman bronze helmet
Trajan's Column (cast from EUR) Capitoline Museum Mainz Landesmuseum Bonn, Rheinisches Landesmuseum model from EUR Munich Praehistorisches Museum

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