Virtual Rome

* "Bringing Rome to life as a 3-D space through which you can move."

* "Virtualizing and imaging ancient Rome and its culture. Giving life to Latin texts through connection with remains."

* "Bringing classicists onto the Internet in such an interesting way as the MOO/Virtual Rome is such a great idea. Our students will definitely benefit no matter how we use this project. They will be delighted that Latin is alive and well and on the Internet and be able to show off to some of those modern language snobs. We will benefit from the ongoing learning process."

* "The potential for making 'Rome' more vibrant in the classroom by making concrete resources and realia more readily and attractively available."

* "Bringing Rome 'to life' through virtual reality."

* "The information (with visuals) on monuments in Rome."

* "The project brings the possibility of enhancing what I have typically done in my classes and of adding new dynamic dimensions to my teaching (e.g., ancient culture, topography of Rome, history). Also, the synchronous chat function would be a terrific way to implement student participation in the learning of the class."

* "Stimulating the imagination of students."

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