Teaching resources

* "A resource for Latin teachers everywhere. Most Latin teachers have 4 or more preps; there is so little time to develop and find new resources. This is a tool that will be used by many in addition to Latin teachers. Humanities, history, literature teachers and students will benefit from this resource. It is a pleasure to be a part of the project. Thank you."

* "Maximizing the knowledge and understanding of students about the ancient world."

* "Access to teaching materials/ideas. A tool to take back to my campus for various purposes."

* "Continuing and developing amazingly useful educational resources."

* "The potential for use with students."

* "A valuable net site."

* "The creation and compilation of resources through VRoma is invaluable, especially for isolated high school teachers."

* "A central resource."

* "Reservoir of creative ideas. Collection of images. Need more texts, especially Suetonius, Vitruvius."

* "On-line resource help. Please make some of the links more obvious, though; I didn't see some of those Latin teacher aids until today!"

* "Developing some very useful resources, including the MOO, for teaching and learning."

* "Amassing database for use in Classics instruction. Highly innovative teaching-learning projects."

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