Community and collaboration

* "Interconnection of teachers and scholars, breaking down of boundaries geographical and professional. Opportunities for students to 'meet' others like themselves."

* "Concrete training. Interaction K-12 and 13+. Collegiality. Distance interaction with and by students and colleagues made greatly easier."

* "The way in which it can bring together all levels of teachers in a supportive environment."

* "The foundation of a truly interactive community of people who work together."

* "Faculty development and collegiality. Collaborative scholarship. Student motivation."

* "Creating a virtual community of scholars working together."

* "The collaborations and lines of creation that have been created will make us all better teachers and able to work more effectively and more efficiently."

* "Creation of a techie Classics community."

* "Developing a community of learners who want to use on-line resources in teaching about the ancient world. Drawing in those of us who might not otherwise have the courage or the inspiration to get involved."

* "Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration with colleagues using IT."

* "It allows people with a variety of tech skills to work together to produce an incredible product!"

* "Empowering distance learning."

* "Community."

* "Enjoyment :)."

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