Learning Goal: Students will be able to plan a search strategy, select an appropriate search engine, and locate and evaluate web sites on [course topic].

Assignment: Carefully work through the follow two web sites

Using the first reading, plan a search strategy for locating web sites relevant to [course topic]. Select a search engine and conduct the search. Write out your search strategy, including keywords, methods, and search engines employed and describe how successful it was according to time it took and quality of results returned.

Using the second reading, choose 2 sites that you would rate excellent and useful for this course, and 2 that you would not recommend for the course. For each web site, provide the title, URL, and name of author (if available). Explain your evaluations according to the criteria for relevance, authority, and accuracy. Finally, describe your personal reaction to each web site (is it attractive? does it make you want to learn about the topic? why or why not?).

Creative Teaching with Internet Technology