“A teacher of philosophy at the Rochester Institute of Technology once remarked, only half-jokingly, that he would never again talk philosophy with an undergraduate. ‘Ah, but e-mail,’ he continued. ‘With e-mail, students have time to think about what they've heard, time to think about what they say next.’ Students who are inarticulate face-to-face sometimes converse clearly and thoughtfully in the slower pace of the electronic seminar. Such courses might thus be made more challenging as well as more accessible.”

“Access and/or Quality? Redefining Choices in the Third Revolution.” Stephen C. Ehrmann. Educom Review 34.5 (Number, 1999). The entire article is available at http://www.educause.edu/ir/library/html/erm9956.html; clicking on this link will open a new browser window, which you should close to return to the main page.

Creative Teaching with Internet Technology