“Technology can give students a greater degree of control over the delivery of their learning: by using technology, students can access information, learning spaces, and other resources at times which suit their lifestyle and their other commitments. Increasing numbers of students either follow part-time degrees or, where they study full-time, hold additional responsibilities, such as those of part-time jobs and families, which mean that they have many pressures outside their studies, and their learning has to take place at appropriate times. Technology can allow students to choose when to access resources, and it supports methods which have a far greater potential than those of traditional distance-learning, particularly in the degree of interaction which it affords. Technology-based resources can be integrated into a course of study and used to complement classroom contact, library resources, and standard methods of sharing insights.”

“Introduction: Technology in Teaching Literature and Culture: Some Reflections.” Sarah Porter. Teaching European Literature and Culture with C & IT. The entire article is available at http://info.ox.ac.uk/ctitext/publish/occas/eurolit/porter.html; clicking on this link will open a new browser window, which you should close to return to the main page.

New Computer and Technological Resources for Latin Language Instruction