“Rather than replacing the seminar and tutorial, we found our project complemented them. For lively discussion and immediate feedback on ideas physical meetings are best. For a more developed and structured debate—particularly over submitted pieces of work—an email list is ideal. Reference to Web pages can easily be worked into discussion and browsed immediately if readers require clarification or further insight. An advantage of the email discussion is that it provides its own minutes. The record from the archive files can easily be edited so that particularly valuable discussions can be worked into pages for the Web site.”

“Learning by cooperative publishing on the World Wide Web.” Tony Downing and Ian Brown. Active Learning 7 (December 1997). The entire article is available for download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format at http://www.cti.ac.uk/publ/actlea/al7pdf/downing.pdf.

New Computer and Technological Resources for Latin Language Instruction