COR 046H: Final Examination (December 18, 1998)

Learning Goals Assessed:

Part I: Web Page based on Take-Home Question

It is obvious from the historical record that the first Roman emperor, Augustus, tried very hard to ensure that one of his direct descendants would succeed to the position of emperor. However, his first direct descendant to eventually become emperor (Caligula) was probably not what he would have wanted. Imagine that you are the deified Augustus observing your great-grandson Caligula during his four years as emperor. Describe his character and behavior and reflect on how it deviated from the plans and expectations you had in mind when you designed the Principate. For your evidence, support your statements with specific references to I,Claudius and by linking to factual materials drawn from the course and external web pages.

View web pages created by Faith Racette and Tamesha Hayle.

Part II: Web Page based on In-class Culture Question

Imagine you are a sixth-grade social studies teacher teaching about ancient Rome. You are making a web page on one particular aspect of one of the Roman culture topics (either politics, the army, clothing, housing, the baths, the chariot races, or gladiatorial games). By one particular aspect, I mean something like “What did a Roman woman wear?” or “What is a gladiator?” or “How did the Romans decorate their houses?” Make a web page on this one particular aspect that will be both accurate and interesting to your specified audience. You may use any type of format or design you think appropriate, but be sure to include all of the following:

  1. at least one comparison with modern life (e.g., something Roman is interesting because it is so similar to some aspect of our culture today, or because it is so different from what we do today)
  2. at least one link to one of my web pages
  3. at least one link to an external web page (remember that my assignment pages list external links for all the topics)
  4. at least one pertinent image
  5. a table (this may be for an image plus text, or simply for text)

View web pages created by Katherine Donovan and Anne Houle.

Barbara F. McManus
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