Insula Assignment in VRoma

Before beginning this assignment, make sure you have a copy of the Quick Start Guide to the VRoma Learning Environment so you will know how to use your VRoma Notebook and how to save your HTML Chat Log.

  1. Rent a Room: Log in to VRoma ( under your character name or as a guest (if you are a guest, remember to use Preferences to change Hospes to your real name. Proceed to the Subura by clicking on exits at the bottom of the web frame—first Rome, then Region 8 Forum Romanum, Sacra Via Infima, Argiletum, and finally Subura. Read about the Subura, then enter the doorway of the Insula and proceed to its courtyard. Click on uxor ianitoris and follow the directions for activating her and conversing with her in Latin (it may help to have your textbook handy). Try to persuade her to rent you the attic room (using numbers like duos, tres, quattuor, and quinque will help you as you bargain). Once she has agreed to rent you the room, click hush or type /vale uxor to turn her off. While there, you might like to meet her dog. NB: If another person is already in the courtyard conversing with the uxor, be polite; allow that person to finish before you begin your conversation. Instead, go up the stairs and complete the next step, then return to the courtyard and bargain with the uxor.
  2. Visit your Room: Proceed up the stairs and take a look at the room you have rented (the basic cenaculum, not the redecorated version), looking particularly at the various items of furniture there. Take notes about these and their Latin names (if you use your VRoma Notebook, be sure to save it and email it to yourself). When you have seen all there is to see, save your HTML Chat Log so you can email it to your teacher and then log off VRoma by clicking Quit or typing @quit and pressing Enter.
  3. Write a Letter Home: Write a letter to your mother and sister in Latin describing your adventure, including information about the room and its furniture. Email your HTML Chat Log and a copy of this letter to your teacher by the specified due date (or hand in printed versions of these two documents).

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