Teaching with Home Pages, a project of VRoma

GROUP MEMBERS: Lischa Barrett, Eric Foster, Jo Ann Haughton, Allyson Raymer, Nancy Stafford, Helen Williams. This project also includes an Ancient Heroes Module, beginning with a Latin version of Jason and the Argonauts.


1) to increase our ability to use information technology for teaching purposes
2) to serve as a resource for ourselves, our students, and other Latin teachers
3) to promote student interest in the Latin language and Roman culture and civilization
4) to help students develop reading/translation, oral, and aural comprehension skills


1) we will be able to

2) other teachers will be able to 2) students will be able to
3) teachers, students, and others will demonstrate enthusiasm in their use of this site; students will create effective projects with these resources


Latin courses: Depending on their students' access to computers and the internet, all the teachers will use their web pages, the Jason site, and other computer-based programs both in their classrooms and for homework assignments.

Assessment Methods:

VRoma Home Page
McManus Home Page
Barbara F. McManus, Director of Assessment