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Beacham, R.C. The Roman Theatre and its Audience. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1991.

Slater, William J., ed. Dining in a Classical Context. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1991.

Slater, William. Roman Theater and Society : E. Togo Salmon Papers I. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1996.

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A few images have been linked to these pages from external sites, including a CAD model of a Roman theater from the VRoma Plautus site; two images from Leo Curran's Maecenas web pages; and a CAD reproduction of a Roman triclinium by the Taisei Corporation.

Rome model with highlighted leisure sites reconstructed litter mosaic of dining couple with servants wall painting of citharist, man, woman Nile mosaic from temple of Fortuna Primigenia
model of Rome litter mosaic wall painting mosaic
plastico of 4th century Rome, EUR Rome, Conservatori Museum Vienna KH Museum, 1st century CE British Museum, 1st century CE Pergamon Museum, c. 80 BCE

detail of Nile mosaic interior of thermopolium with serving counter restaurant with original counter and wall paintings mosaic of prostitute with customer wall painting of brothel scene
mosaic thermopolium thermopolium mosaic wall painting
Pergamon Museum, c. 80 BCE Pompeii Ostia, Via di Diana Piazza Armerina, 4th century CE lupanar, Pompeii

Myrina statuettes of comic and tragic actors mosaic of 2 actors with masks mosaic of comic masks, flute girl & slave view of cavea and upper portico model of scaenae frons and stage roof
theater statuettes mosaic mosaic theater scaenae frons
Vienna KH Museum, 2nd-1st century BCE Sousse Museum, Tunisia Rome, Conservatori Museum Aspendos Theater EUR (Aspendos Theater?)

connection btw. cavea and scaenae frons model of Theater of Marcellus cavea looking down at orchestra
theater Theater of Marcellus Odeon
Aspendos Theater plastico, EUR Odeon, Pompeii

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