Juvenal and Aurelia Nais

mullus erit domini, quem misit Corsica uel quem
Tauromenitanae rupes, quando omne peractum est
et iam defecit nostrum mare, dum gula saeuit,
retibus adsiduis penitus scrutante macello
proxima, nec patimur Tyrrhenum crescere piscem.
instruit ergo focum prouincia, sumitur illinc
quod captator emat Laenas, Aurelia uendat.

The master will have a red mullet sent from Corsica
or the cliffs of Taormina, since all our seas have been exhausted
and have now run short. So long as the gullet is ravening,
the market keeps searching deep within the neighboring seas with busy nets,
and we do not allow the Tyrrhenian fish to grow to full size.
Therefore a province equips the hearth, and from a province
comes the fish that Aurelia sells and the fortune hunter Laenas buys.

(Juvenal, Satire 5.92-98).