Sample Plan of a Roman House
plan of domus vestibulum peristylium tablinum triclinium triclinium exedra cubiculum cubiculum cubiculum culina atrium taberna taberna
A atrium formal entrance hall
Al ala "wings" opening from atrium
C cubiculum small room; bedroom
Cu culina kitchen
E exedra garden room
P peristylium colonnaded garden
T taberna shop
Ta tablinum office; study
Tri triclinium dining room
V vestibulum entrance hall

Click on the rooms in this plan for more information about each area of the Roman house. If your browser does not support image maps, click on this list: atrium, cubiculum, culina, exedra, peristylium, taberna, tablinum, triclinium, vestibulum.

This reconstructed model of the House of the Tragic Poet in Pompeii shows the exterior of the house from the front, the back and one side. See also this composite model from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology.


Barbara F. McManus, The College of New Rochelle
revised February, 2007