A Gallery of Roman Portraits, a project of VRoma

GROUP MEMBERS: Michael Arnush, John Gruber-Miller, Sue Olsen, James Ruebel


1) to serve as a repository of materials and a resource for students and teachers regarding aspects of life in the Roman Empire
2) to help students understand the cultural and historical context of their study of the Latin language or Roman civilization
3) to promote interest in local or regional classical resources that may be available in various parts of the United States
4) to provide a model for ways that teachers can locate and make use of classical resources in their own locality


1) teachers will be able to

2) students will be able to use the site and its resources to fulfill particular learning goals in various types of courses; for example,
3) teachers, students, and others will demonstrate interest in the Riley Collection of the Cedar Rapids Museum by individual and class visits


Latin: Sue will use these materials both for presentations and student assignments in her unit on the Roman Empire in Latin 2 (see sample assignments at the web site).

History and Civilization Courses: Michael, John and Jim will all make use of these materials for presentations and assignments in such courses as Roman History, Women in Antiquity, Ancient Rome: The Imperial Period.

Assessment Methods:

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