The Roman Forum, a project of VRoma

GROUP MEMBERS: Leslie Flood, Joan Jahnige, Cindy Pope, Randy Thompson


1) to serve as a repository of materials and a resource for teachers
2) to help students understand the cultural and historical context of their study of the Latin language or Roman civilization
3) to promote interest in Roman culture and civilization and the Latin language


1) teachers will be able to

2) students will be able to
3) teachers, students, and others will demonstrate enthusiasm in their use of this site; students will create effective projects with these resources


Latin 1: Cindy (Oxford) and Randy (Cambridge) will use this site both for presentations and student assignments, Cindy through her television course and Randy in a classroom setting. Leslie and Cindy may try to bring together some of their students using the MOO.

Latin 2: Leslie and Joan (both Ecce) will use the site for presentations and assignments, Leslie in the classroom and Joan through her television course.

Latin 3: Leslie (Ecce), Randy (Cambridge) and Cindy (Oxford) will give their students projects that will involve using this site for research and expanding the site's resources through student contributions; when possible, their students will work on joint projects using e-mail and the MOO.

Assessment Methods:

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