Coins to Commemorate an Assassination

coin of Gaius Cassius Longinus coin of Brutus, Ides of March

Gaius Cassius Longinus issued the denarius on the left in 42 BCE; its symbolism, including a veiled head of Liberty and religious implements (a jug and an augur's curved staff), presents a justification for the assassination of Caesar. The right-hand coin of Marcus Junius Brutus, issued the same year, is less subtle, since it contains a direct reference to the Ides of March along with a pair of daggers and a cap of liberty (pileus), the type of headgear that was given to slaves when they were freed; the obverse of this coin contains a portrait of Brutus with the legend IMP[erator].

August, 2009
Historical Bachground for Caesar
Barbara F. McManus