Jan Hawkins, "Dilemmas." Education and Technology: Reflections on Computing in Classrooms. Ed. Charles Fisher, David C. Dwyer, and Keith Yocam. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1996. 35-50.

"It appears that people in different locales benefit from these models as images, yet need to interpret how new ideas and approaches make sense in their own heads and their local systems. Conditions that help people take their own small steps of invention appear to characterize places and projects where changes take root. Sustained reflection and critical conversation appear to be basic conditions for reframing, reseeing, and adapting new approaches. There is little tradition of this kind of professional culture and exchange among education practitioners in this country. One important role for technologies is as backbone for an invigorated, vibrant professional community among educators. This will not happen, however, without considerable effort to design the technologies and the social structure of their use with this objective made explicit [emphasis added]" (47-48).