Please fill out the following information and submit to Barbara McManus.

Your name:

Primary 1998-99 course in which you plan to use VRoma online resources:

Type of course:

When course will be offered:
Fall, 1998
Spring, 1999

For an example of how to fill out the following forms, see the assessment plan for the VRoma Roman Comedy project and these two plans submitted by members of the 1998 VRoma Workshop. Also, see the evaluation criteria for MOO projects prepared by Suzanne Bonefas for an excellent example of how you can communicate to students the criteria you will use to evaluate MOO building projects (note that these criteria were written for a course in Greek civilization using a text-only MOO, but slight revisions would make them applicable to the VRoma MOO).

Aims: These describe the reasons you are employing internet technology as you teach this course; they will most likely relate to some of the five pedagogical objectives of the project as a whole. Please type the aims in the box below as a numbered list.

Learning Goals for Students: These articulate what the student will know and be able to do at the end of this course. They should represent concrete outcomes that will fulfill the aims you have stated above. Please type these in the box below as a numbered list beginning with the phrase "Students will be able to ..."

Assessment Methods: These describe the activities that students will perform in order to demonstrate that they have acquired the knowledge and skills stated above. Since these should constitute precise, necessary, and sufficient evidence that the learning goals have been fulfilled, you should have at least one assessment activity for each of the goals. Please type these in the box below as a numbered list.