COR 046H: Ancient Rome in Film, Fiction, Fact
Schedule of Topics and Assignments, Part III

prima porta augustus

XI. Caligula. December 1

XII. The Roman House (These Were the Romans, chapter 3). December 3

XIII. Leisure and Entertainment (These Were the Romans, chapter 15). December 8-15

Dinner Parties and Baths. December 8

Sports. December 10-15

The final examination will take place in CC 136 on Friday, December 18 from 1:00-4:00 pm. At that time students will complete web pages on the take-home question and one other question that will be assigned at the time; this second question will deal with one of the topics on daily life and customs (specific topic will be selected by each student). Take-home question:

It is obvious from the historical record that the first Roman emperor, Augustus, tried very hard to ensure that one of his direct descendants would succeed to the position of emperor. However, his first direct descendant to eventually become emperor (Caligula) was probably not what he would have wanted. Imagine that you are the deified Augustus observing your great-grandson Caligula during his four years as emperor. Describe his character and behavior and reflect on how it deviated from the plans and expectations you had in mind when you designed the Principate. For your evidence, support your statements with specific references to I,Claudius and by linking to factual materials drawn from the course and external web pages.

Click here for the exam and several web pages produced in response to the questions.


  1. Work on MOO rooms and objects for Roman Pursuit game (December 1, 8, 15)

December, 1998
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