COR 046H: Ancient Rome in Film, Fiction, Fact
Schedule of Topics and Assignments, Part II

prima porta augustus

VII. The Career and Character of Julius Caesar (read George Bernard Shaw's play Caesar and Cleopatra: A History). October 22-29

VIII. Antony, Octavian, and Cleopatra: the end of the Roman Republic (see film Cleopatra). October 29-November 5

IX. Roman Clothing (These Were the Romans, chapter 14). November 10-12

X. Augustus and Tiberius: the beginnings of the Roman Empire. Begin reading I, Claudius). November 17-24


  1. Creating basic web pages using HTML; content of pages will deal with accuracy of Caesar and Cleopatra (October 27)
  2. Continuation of web authoring using HTML; content of pages will deal with accuracy of portrayals of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra in the play Caesar and Cleopatra and the film Cleopatra (November 3)
  3. Continuation of web authoring using HTML (November 10)
  4. MOO groups begin construction of Roman Pursuit game by constructing rooms on the theme of Roman clothing; these will provide the setting for posting questions and tasks related to this topic. These rooms will incorporate html documents and links created using the MOO Object Editor (November 17)
  5. Introduction to HoTMetaL Pro 5.0 web editing software; students will create tables and more sophisticated layout designs for their Caesar and Cleopatra web pages (November 24). Below are some of the pages produced by students in the class:

Schedule continues on Topics and Assignments Part III.

November, 1998
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