COR 046H: Ancient Rome in Film, Fiction, Fact
Schedule of Topics and Assignments, Part I

Roman woman

I. Roman Names: September 10

II. Types of Historical Evidence; Sketch of Early Roman History and Military Expansion: September 15 (These Were the Romans Ch. 1-2)

III. The Conflict of Orders and Structure of Roman Republican Government: September 17-22 (These Were the Romans Ch. 5-6)

IV. Roman Social Classes and Political Factions of the Late Republic: September 24 (These Were the Romans Ch. 9)

V. The Roman Army (These Were the Romans Ch. 19): September 29-October 8

VI. Roman Slavery and the Rebellion of Spartacus (These Were the Romans Ch. 13; view film Spartacus): October 13-20


  1. Introduction to the VRoma MOO; basic MOO commands and navigation (September 15)
  2. MOO mail and mailing lists; evaluating web pages (September 22)
  3. MOO Treasure Hunt (September 29)
  4. Continuation of MOO Treasure Hunt; work on web search assignment (October 6)
  5. MOO Building and Object Creation (October 13)
  6. Creation of MOO resources on the accuracy of the film Spartacus in relation to these questions (October 20)

Schedule continues on Topics and Assignments Part II

October, 1998
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