1999 VRoma Workshop: Preliminary Agenda

Wednesday, June 16:

Morning: goals of workshop and personal introductions; overview of MOO interface and introduction to basic MOO skills.

Afternoon: basic MOO skills continued (if necessary); navigation and exploration of "virtual Rome" using various exercises designed by teachers for students in order to practice MOO skills, evaluate the pedagogical value of the exercises, and begin thinking about other introductory MOO exercises.

Thursday, June 17:

Morning: focused exploration of the historical sections of the VRoma MOO as evaluation teams who will

Afternoon: continuation of site exploration (if necessary); introduction to building rooms, creating objects, and using the Object Editor through having each person create his/her office and project space.

Friday, June 18:

Morning: begin work on projects using the MOO Object Editor and HTML to enhance office/project spaces.

Afternoon: introduction to HTML, web authoring, and Netscape Composer for those new to these processes; those already familiar with HTML will work on whatever advanced web authoring skills are needed on a more tutorial basis. Participants will learn and practice these skills while working directly on their projects.

Saturday, June 19:

Morning: presentation/discussion of visual literacy and the use of images to enhance web projects; introduction to basic image processing skills (scanning, image manipulation and file conversion, etc.).

Afternoon: continuation of image processing skills as needed; participants will concentrate especially on gathering and processing images for their particular projects.

Sunday, June 20:

Morning free: Those who wish may go to church, sleep late, work in the lab, work in the library, get some exercise, or whatever.

Afternoon: Participants will continue to work on their individual projects with help from the workshop coordinators as needed.

Monday-Tuesday, June 21-22:

Mornings: We will begin each day with presentations and constructive critiques of participants' work-in-progress.

Afternoons: The remainder of each day will be devoted to continuing to develop participants' individual projects.

We plan to hold several relatively brief evening discussions on pedagogical topics such as using learning goals to design and assess projects and assignments that incorporate technology; if there is sufficient interest, we may also offer an optional session on using PowerPoint in the classroom.

Workshop Coordinators:
Suzanne Bonefas, bonefas@colleges.org
Judith de Luce, delucej@muohio.edu
Barbara McManus,bmcmanus@ix.netcom.com
Steve Nimis, nimissa@muohio.edu
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