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1999 VRoma Workshop:
Preliminary Readings

We are very excited about VRoma's potential to test assumptions about the role of internet technology in teaching and learning classics (see VRoma Pedagogical Objectives). We do not, however, advocate using technology for its own sake, but rather as a way to create new educational possibilities. Since understanding the nature and capabilities of the tools helps us envision these new possibilities, we highly recommend the following two on-line articles from Diversity University, which provide an excellent overview of the various types of internet tools available for educational purposes:

The first article includes a clear and concise description of all the major internet tools commonly used in education, including their basic functions, advantages, and disavantages, plus an appendix with links to specific examples of each type of tool. The second article briefly describes and compares various "learning environments" that bring together several on-line tools through a common interface (note that VRoma represents one such learning environment, an on-line virtual world); its appendix includes links to a number of articles and collections of articles on MOOs.

For those with the time and interest to explore them, the following on-line resources provide useful insights into various topics:

1999 VRoma Workshop Coordinators
May, 1999
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