41 quid Romae faciam? mentiri nescio; librum,
si malus est, nequeo laudare et poscere; motus
astrorum ignoro; funus promittere patris
nec uolo nec possum; ranarum uiscera numquam
inspexi; ferre ad nuptam quae mittit adulter,
But why, my friend, should I at Rome remain?
I cannot teach my stubborn lips to feign;
Nor, when I hear a great man’s verses, smile,
And beg a copy, if I think them vile.
A sublunary wight, I have no skill
To read the stars; I neither can, nor will,
Presage a father’s death; I never pried,
In toads, for poison, nor—in aught beside.
Others may aid the adulterer’s vile design,
And bear the insidious gift, and melting line,
Seduction’s agents! I such deeds detest;
And, honest, let no thief partake my breast.
For this, without a friend, the world I quit;
A palsied limb, for every use unfit.
Who now is loved, but he whose conscious breast,
Swells with dark deeds, still, still to be supprest?
He pays, he owes, thee nothing, (strictly just,)
Who gives an honest secret to thy trust;
But, a dishonest!—there, he feels thy power,
And buys thy friendship high from hour to hour.
But let not all the wealth which Tagus pours
In Ocean’s lap, not all his glittering stores,
Be deem’d a bribe, sufficient to requite
The loss of peace by day, of sleep by night:—
O take not, take not, what thy soul rejects,
Nor sell the faith, which he, who buys, suspects!
The nation, by the GREAT, admired, carest,
And hated, shunn’d by ME, above the rest,
No longer, now, restrain’d by wounded pride,
I haste to shew, (nor thou my warmth deride,)
I cannot rule my spleen, and calmly see, citizens,
Grecian? O, no! with this vast sewer compared,
The dregs of Greece are scarcely worth regard:
Long since, the stream that wanton Syria laves,
Has disembogued its filth in Tiber’s waves,
Its language, arts; o’erwhelmed us with the scum
Of Antioch’s streets, its minstrel, harp, and drum.
Hie to the Circus! ye who want to prove
A barbarous mistress, an outlandish love.
46 quae mandat, norunt alii; me nemo ministro
fur erit, atque ideo nulli comes exeo tamquam
mancus et extinctae corpus non utile dextrae.
quis nunc diligitur nisi conscius et cui feruens
aestuat occultis animus semperque tacendis?
51 nil tibi se debere putat, nil conferet umquam,
participem qui te secreti fecit honesti.
carus erit Verri qui Verrem tempore quo uult
accusare potest. tanti tibi non sit opaci
omnis harena Tagi quodque in mare uoluitur aurum,
56 ut somno careas ponendaque praemia sumas
tristis et a magno semper timearis amico.
quae nunc diuitibus gens acceptissima nostris
et quos praecipue fugiam, properabo fateri,
nec pudor obstabit. non possum ferre, Quirites,
61 Graecam urbem. quamuis quota portio faecis Achaei?
iam pridem Syrus in Tiberim defluxit Orontes
et linguam et mores et cum tibicine chordas
obliquas nec non gentilia tympana secum
uexit et ad circum iussas prostare puellas.
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