21 hic tunc Vmbricius 'quando artibus' inquit 'honestis
nullus in urbe locus, nulla emolumenta laborum,
res hodie minor est here quam fuit atque eadem cras
deteret exiguis aliquid, proponimus illuc
ire, fatigatas ubi Daedalus exuit alas,
Umbritius here his sullen silence broke,
And turn’d on Rome, indignant, has he spoke.
Since virtue droops, he cried, without regard,
And honest toil scarce hopes a poor reward;
Since every morrow sees my means decay,
And still makes less the little of to-day;
I go, where Daedalus, as poets sing,
First check’d his flight, and closed his weary wing:
While something yet of health and strength remains,
And yet no staff my faultering step sustains;
While few gray hairs upon my head are seen,
And my old age is vigorous still, and green.
Here then, I bid my much loved home farewell—
Ah, mine no more!—there let Artorius dwell,
And Catulus; knaves, who, in truth’s despite,
Can white to black transform, and black to white,
Build temples, furnish funerals, auctions hold,
Farm rivers, ports, and scour the drains for gold!
Once they were trumpeters, and always found,
With strolling fencers, in their annual round,
While their puff’d cheeks, which every village knew,
Call’d to “high feats of arms,” the rustick crew:
Now they give Shows themselves; and, at the will,
Of the base rabble, raise the sign—to kill,
Ambitious of their voice: then turn, once more,
To their vile gains, and farm the common shore!
And why not every thing?—since Fortune throws
Her more peculiar smiles on such as those,
Whene’er, to wanton merriment inclined,
She lifts to thrones, the dregs of human kind!
26 dum noua canities, dum prima et recta senectus,
dum superest Lachesi quod torqueat et pedibus me
porto meis nullo dextram subeunte bacillo.
cedamus patria. uiuant Artorius istic
et Catulus, maneant qui nigrum in candida uertunt,
31 quis facile est aedem conducere, flumina, portus,
siccandam eluuiem, portandum ad busta cadauer,
et praebere caput domina uenale sub hasta.
quondam hi cornicines et municipalis harenae
perpetui comites notaeque per oppida buccae
36 munera nunc edunt et, uerso pollice uulgus
cum iubet, occidunt populariter; inde reuersi
conducunt foricas, et cur non omnia? cum sint
quales ex humili magna ad fastigia rerum
extollit quotiens uoluit Fortuna iocari.
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