Introduction to the on-line Juvenal Third Satire


An electronic Juvenal seems an appropriate way to capture Juvenal's satiric style, which teleports the reader from one vividly described scene to another, presenting snap shots of the life around him accompanied by searing observations delivered in sound bites.


This site consists of parallel English & Latin text of Satire 3, hotlinked to descriptions, images and texts.

Brief Essay on Juvenal

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Outline of Satire 3

Lines 1-20: Prologue: The satirist sets the stage for Umbricius' monologue, addressing his listeners/readers in the first person. He details the occasion of his friend's departure from Rome for a better life in the country. He weighs and gives his approval of that decision, sketching in the time, circumstances, and place of their final meeting at the edge of the city, a decidedly liminal place. They move to a once-sacred grove outside the walls, a location which elicits and illustrates their shared dissatisfactions with Rome, foreshadowing Umbricius' themes which translate easily into slogans: less is more, Rome for the Romans, the good old days, natural is best, keep it simple, gods before money.

Lines 21-322: Umbricius' Farewell. Here the poet joins his audience as listener, as the loyal citizen who can no longer endure his homeland speaks his mind.