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 Zeus with Ganymede, Terra Cotta sculpture, Museum of Olympia.
 Zeus is one of the most common and well-known characters in Greek mythology. Almost murdered by his father as a child, Zeus grew up to conquer the immortal world, becoming the king of the gods. When he and his brothers then cast lots to decide who should rule over what domain, he chose the sky and became synonomous to men with the powerful heavens. This can be seen through Zeus' symbol and weapon of choice, the lightning bolt. Another interesting name for Zeus is "father of gods and men." Though a number of head deities in other religions may have similar titles, few fit it as well as Zeus: notorious for his lust for women, he fathered a number of gods and famous men, including the god Apollo and the hero Heracles.

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Zeus: Hurling thunderbolt, Attic oil-pot, c.450 BC.
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Statue of Zeus at Olympia
Pot of Hera and Zeus: Sophilos, 580 BC
Jupiter and Thetis: Ingres, J.A.D.
Bronze head of Zeus- 490 BC

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