Thrasymachus CHAPTER XXII

kalo\n h9suxi/a *

Silence/ Stillness is a good thing.

This is a review chapter. No new grammar is introduced. It is time once again to check yourself for your recognition of verb forms, case endings, grammatical constructions, and idioms. You have only two major new verb topics ahead of you, and then you will be ready to make your transition into authentic Greek authors. KALH TUXH !



Identify the following verbs from Chapter XXII. Give mood, tense, voice and translation.

 1.h!reto  11.dieilo/meqa
 2.fobou~  12.sterhqei/h
 3.dexw/meqa  13.e)pei/sqhsan
 4.prosi/ontaj  14.a)poqa/noien
 5.paramuqhso/menoj  15.e)pi/wsin
 6.a)kou/wmen  16.e)ph~lqon  17.e)ge/neto
9.a)fiko/mhn  19.maxome/nouj
 10.i!doimen  20.e)me/nomen

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