Thrasymachus CHAPTER X

 Ti///// de/ tij; ti/ d' ou/) tij; skia=j o)/nar a/)nqrwpoj.*

What is someone? What is not someone? Man is the dream of a shadow.

Thrasymachus Chapter X is a review of all the work that you have done so far. It is worth taking the time to read and reread this chapter several times to be absolutely sure that you recognize and understand every case ending and every verb form.

As always, while you are reading the story, try to understand whole units of meaning, not individual words, and enjoy the manners of expression that are particularly Greek. Use the context clues to let the action of the story, and the interaction among the characters, unfold in your mind as you read.

Some of the points of grammar that should by now be completely manageable:

1. Forms and meanings of ti/j and tij

2. Forms and meanings of ou[toj, au#th, tou~to

3. Forms and meanings of au)to/j, au)th/, au)to/

4. Forms and meanings of the personal and reflexive pronouns

5. Contracted verb forms for recognition

6. Active and middle personal endings on present tense verb stems

7. Forms and meanings of the present and middle participles and infinitives

8. Relative pronouns and relative clauses

9. Comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs

10. Idioms such as oi(o/j t' ei)mi/, te/loj de/, me/, e)n w[|



Red figure Athena by the Berlin Painter, Ciba Collection

 h( Mh/deia


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